Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February meeting - Microsoft PowerShell team panel

Ever wonder just what the heck the Microsoft PowerShell team was thinking? Come find out!

Keith Bankston is the senior program manager for PowerShell. Mark Gray is the senior program manager for DSC. Michael Greene is the program manager responsible for understanding customer feedback and getting it into PowerShell.

Join us for a panel discussion where they will answer all of our questions about PowerShell and we in turn will answer their questions about how we use PowerShell and how we would like to use it in the future.

Target North Campus
7300 Oak Grove Parkway
Brooklyn Park, MN

This is a secure facility. RSVP with full name is required. If you do not use your full name on meetup, please email us your full name. Park in the guest lot to the west of the complex. Check in with security with photo ID. You will be escorted to the meeting room.

Food and networking begin at 4:30. The main meeting will run from 5 to 7.

1 comment:

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