Wednesday, June 24, 2015

July 14 meeting - PowerShell output and Microsoft customer input

Your script is perfect.  It does cool stuff and shows you the results.  But now you want to keep the results.  Learn how to export your results to SQL, Excel, SharePoint, event logs, Email, text, CSV, HTML and JSON.

We will also hear about Tim’s and Derek's recent invitations to Redmond to talk to the Microsoft PowerShell and automation teams and to provide input about the current realities for customers and our requests and requirements for the future of Microsoft based automation.

Food and networking starts at 4:30.  The presentations will start at 5 PM.  We'll round out any remaining time with open forum until 7 PM , so bring your questions and stories.

The meeting will be hosted at Virteva, at 6110 Golden Hill Dr, in Golden Valley.

Please RSVP at

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June meeting canceled

Due to various conflicts and last-minute resource issues, we will not be meeting in June.  Summer break!